San Diego DUI Attorney

A lapse in judgment does not make you a criminal, but you wouldn’t know it from the way the system treats people accused of driving under the influence (DUI). The system has become so intolerant that it employs tricks and hurdles to ensure that those accused are punished, without regard to Due Process and the presumption of innocence. For example, some deadlines are triggered by an arrest, not an actual conviction, and missing a deadline can forfeit some of your rights. These days, DUI law is a minefield for the unwary, and a lawyer experienced in DUI / DWI defense cases is necessary to guide you through the process.

There are two parts to your DUI arrest. Not only are you looking at criminal charges being filed against you by the Superior Court, but you are also looking at a license suspension through the DMV. You have only 10 days after your DUI arrest to schedule a DMV Administrative hearing or your license will automatically be suspended. It is strongly urged that you hire an experienced DUI attorney to handle this hearing, as your driving privilege is at stake. There are issues that can be raised in the DMV administrative hearing to fight the suspension and/or to make arrangements for you to be able to continue to drive. When you hire The Law Office of Heather A. Melone, the scope of your representation will include both the Superior Court case, as well as the Administrative Hearing with the DMV.

If you have had a previous DUI conviction (or convictions) your case has even more serious consequences. The law comes down hard on those that are considered to be repeat offenders. A second or third offense within 10 years mandates custody time in jail, and a fourth DUI charge is usually charged as a felony, meaning that you could be looking at spending significant time in state prison. If you were driving under the influence and caused an accident that resulted in bodily injury, the charge will also likely be filed as a felony; if a fatality occurred, this is an extremely serious situation, and could result in many years spent in state prison.

Do not waste any time if you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in San Diego. Get the legal assistance that you need immediately from The Law Office of Heather A. Melone. DUI/DWI charges are very serious and if convicted, you face many obstacles and challenges including custody, license suspensions/revocations, time consuming classes and programs, and expensive fines. You need a skilled DUI defense lawyer. Contact San Diego Attorney Heather A. Melone for a free evaluation of your case. Heather will speak with you directly and will give you an honest, accurate assessment of your case.