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Heather A. Melone, Attorney at Law
Heather A. Melone
Attorney at Law

Getting arrested or being charged with a crime can be an embarrassing and humiliating experience. And unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the process as you have now entered “the system”. Once somebody is “in the system” they may feel lost and out of control. However, this does not have to be the case.

When you contact The Law Office of Heather A. Melone, you will speak with San Diego Attorney Heather A. Melone directly and will be informed of the legal procedures that follow, as well as the issues that may give rise to a viable defense in your case. Attorney Melone has years of experience working in the criminal defense field in San Diego County and Southern California, and will give you honest, accurate advice regarding your DUI, drug possession, domestic violence, theft, or other criminal case, letting you know exactly what your options are. Attorney Melone makes herself easily accessible to her clients and takes the time to personally ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

When you are looking for a San Diego criminal defense attorney to handle your case you need to find an experienced, affordable attorney who will give you the respect and attention that your case deserves – CONTACT THE LAW OFFICE OF HEATHER A. MELONE TODAY.


A lapse in judgment does not make you a criminal, but you wouldn't know it from the way the system treats people accused of driving under the influence (DUI).

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Drug Offenses

Due to the "war on drugs" and San Diego's close proximity to the border, drug offenses are taken very seriously by law enforcement and the District Attorney's Office in San Diego County.

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Domestic Violence

Once law enforcement gets involved in a domestic violence dispute, control over whether criminal charges are filed is significantly compromised.

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Client Testimonials

"Heather, words cannot express the sense of support, comfort, relief and non-judgmental-ism I felt after leaving your office. I so appreciate you, your strength and abilities, and your kindness...most of all your kindness. I have a lot of changing to do but I am determined, and with support of others, for the first time in a long time I have hope that things are not hopeless. Thank you again Heather." - J.K., San Diego, CA

"I highly recommend Heather Melone as a criminal defense attorney. She is very knowledgeable, efficient and gets good results. Ms. Melone aggressively pursued my case, kept me informed at every step, and achieved the best outcome possible. In addition to being a great attorney, she is personable, kind and very understanding." - G.P.

"No one relishes the fact of hiring an attorney, but when unfortunate circumstances occur it may be necessary. In which case, I hired Criminal Defense Attorney, Heather A. Melone for my situation. Ms. Melone worked rigorously on behalf of my defense and resulted in my cases being dismissed. Ms. Melone is very professional, knowledgeable, and offers a high quality of service. She constantly showed concern for my issue and always kept me informed. Her cheerful and positive attitude always gave me piece of mind during such a stressful and hopeless time. For effective results, I highly recommend Criminal Defense Attorney, Heather A. Melone for representation." - A.G.

"Calling Heather Melone when I needed legal representation was the best decision I could have possibly made. She was professional and dependable, yet she treated me like a friend and made me feel comfortable during my experience with the courts. Heather made herself accessible whenever I had questions and worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible result for my case. I would never wish legal troubles on anyone, but if somebody I know ever finds themselves in need of an attorney, I will not hesitate to recommend Heather Melone." - J.L., Irvine, CA

"When I was arrested and charged with a crime I was shocked. I had never been in any sort of trouble before! The thought of having a criminal record and possibly serving time in jail terrified me. When I spoke with Heather she was very understanding and quickly put my mind at ease. She explained to me how the legal process worked, explained to me the nature of the charges and the possible defenses, and answered all of my questions honestly and accurately. Heather worked hard in presenting my case and negotiated with the prosecutor to ensure the best possible outcome for my case. I hope that I will never need Heather's assistance again in the future, but I know that she is the first one I will call if I, or anybody else I know, is in need of a criminal defense attorney." - P.S.

"Ms. Melone has been like a life preserver while I'm drowning. She is prepared, knows the facts exactly as they are and doesn't pull punches. More than anything, I'm comfortable and trust her." - J.S., Del Cerro, CA

"Heather Melone has done a wonderful job helping me in a very difficult time. She worked wonders for me in the situation I got myself in. If it wasn't for Heather's expertise I would be facing tragic repercussions from my actions. Because of Heather's hard work and effort I am only facing a minor setback that I will all be able to overcome without difficulty. In addition Heather has offered to help me further by expunging my record in half the time it would be. This is a must in the profession I hold. Thank you Heather!" - L.B., Rosamond, CA

"Heather is a great attorney! She was friendly and helpful, took a personal interest in my legal situation, and did everything she could for me. She quickly and aggressively worked with me and the prosecutor's office to build a strong case in my defense, which resulted in no charges being filed. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney, or better results!" - A.R.

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